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Anti Gravity Devices, Anti-Gravity Technology

Building a working anti gravity device as been the dream of many scientists and backyard hobbyists. After careful and meticulous research we have discovered that there are a handful of people that have created devices that defied the laws of gravity. In one case the builder was able to defy gravity and make a very heavy weight lose it`s entire mass, rendering it light as a feather.

Imagine what our society could do with anti gravity technology. It could power vehicles like cars, trucks, planes, heck, even spaceships.

If you render something weightless it is much easier to propulse it forward or backwards, and even upwards. After lots of research it seems that the best way to remove an objects weight is to tap into it`s vibrational properties. It would seem that you need to cancel out certain vibrational properties which give the object it`s weight or gravity.

Anti gravity devices as toys, furniture, and hobby accessories is becoming very popular. There seem to be new anti gravity devices popping up all the time. Take for example the anti gravity globe, which uses magnets to levitate it.

The ultimate goal though when talking about anti gravity is learning how to render heavy objects weightless. Just imagine if you could render a refrigerator weightless with an anti gravity device. It would be much easier to move around and transport to a different location.

The uses for anti gravity technology are many. If you wanted to launch a spaceship into the air it would be much easier if the spaceship was weightless, you wouldn`t need those huge rocket boosters, and all that fuel.

The ultimate goal of our anti gravity website is to find technology that uses anti gravity in different ways. We also take a close look at technology that was lost through the ages that may have been genuine anti gravity technology, the kind of device we are looking for.

Many people believe that the government already has anti-gravity technology and that they are concealing it from the general public. We will also look into this more closely on the TR-3B anti gravity device page.

We hope you enjoy this website dedicated to the anti gravity phenomenon.

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